Dzongkha Keyboard & Bhutanese Locale
for Windows Vista

Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system comes with support for Dzongkha & Tibetan script, however it does not include a Dzongkha keyboard layout or a Bhutanese locale. To remedy this, the Dzongkha Development Commission (DDC) has created a Bhutanese Locale & Dzongkha Keyboard specifically for installation in Windows Vista.

  • Note: These should also work in the new Windows 7.

Bhutanese Locale for Windows Vista

Dzongkha Keyboard for Windows Vista

Note: The Dzongkha Keyboard for Windows Vista has a slightly modified layout to that previously used for Windows XP in order to accommodate additional characters added to the Unicode Standard since 2001.

The Dzongkha keyboard may also be used for typing Chöké (Tibetan).

Quick Installation of Dzongkha Unicode in Windows Vista:

1. First install a Dzongkha font in C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\ folder

2.  Next install the Dzongkha Bhutan locale:

To function properly DZ-BT Locale must be installed before installing the keyboard.

3. Finally install the Dzongkha keyboard