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The copyright, rights in the nature of copyright and all other intellectual property rights worldwide in the photographic images on this website are reserved to The National Library and Archives of Bhutan.


The images may be viewed without payment or further permission, on the understanding that they have been made available by the copyright holder for purposes of private study only.


An image may be downloaded to the user's workstation and stored and one hard copy only may be made, without payment or further permission, provided this is done solely for purposes of private study. Every copy, in electronic or other form, MUST include the copyright notice and reference as found at the edge(s) of each image. The image may not be duplicated in any medium for another person or institution. The user is welcome to show the single personal copy to a colleague or colleagues for private discussion, though in electronic form it may be displayed only on the screen of the user's single workstation. The user is also permitted to display the single personal copy for purposes of an academic lecture or seminar, provided that no further duplication occurs or is allowed to occur. If the image is required for separate viewing elsewhere, the colleague(s) or student(s) should be referred back to this server, from which it can be viewed and downloaded afresh by each individual user: this will avoid illicit copying from one workstation to another.

The URL for an image, but not the image itself, may be incorporated in a user's personal hypertext document. The purpose of any restriction on the use of these images is to ensure that image files are always downloaded direct from the server and not from an unauthorized duplicate server elsewhere.

Users should be aware that an image received from this server has necessarily been compressed before transmission and will therefore have lost some detail. This loss may not be significant for most research and publication purposes, but may assume significance in particularly demanding applications, for example in the production of a full-sized colour facsimile. In such cases it may be possible for the copyright holder to supply the uncompressed file from which the public version was made. The uncompressed file is too large for convenient and reliable transmission over the network, but could be supplied to the user on, for example, a CD-ROM.


Any other use requires the specific written permission of the copyright holder, who reserves the right to charge a fee. Uses requiring such permission include the following:

Publication in any form of hard copy.

Use in television, film or video.

Publication in any electronic form of an image, whether modified or not.

Duplication of an image in any networked or public site, or in any "virtual library".

Public display in any form of electronic or hard copy (except in academic lectures as indicated above).

Duplication for use in any teaching pack.

Applications for permissions of any kind, enquiries concerning copyright or fees, and requests for traditional types of hard-copy photography, should be addressed to:

The Director National Archives, National Library& Archives of Bhutan, PO Box , Thimphu Bhutan

E-mail address:

Any communication by e-mail should include the enquirer's full postal address: replies will normally be sent by (airmail) post within two weeks of receipt. Demands for immediate response by telephone, fax or e-mail cannot receive priority treatment.